Anni said...


I like your Backgrounds and show often to your blog by new Backgrounds and hope thats okay for you. I love these Brackground realle and...its really beatyful.

Lots greetings from Germany. Your Anni

Vitsippan said...

Hey ! I love all kind of your backgrounds, I want Angels for my X-mascard this year.
But I don´t know how I shall do.Shall I by paper in the store, and copy your mall.
Please help me and tell me how.

Love from Sweden ! Marie-Louise

Steffi said...

HEllo there,

I´m looking for a nice background for my upcoming own blog and I really like this one.
My Problem is, that I need it broader. Is it able to get a Angels Layout for wide screen or three columns?
It really woult fit perfect for me.

Best regards from Germany

christyp said...

Hi,,just wanted to tell you i just found you and i LOVE it !!! your work is beautiful !!! and thank you for sharing,,,, oxox christy { CHRISTYS CRAFTS blog, }

Michelle SedeƱo said...

Hi! This is beautiful, I liked it. Is this for free?
Why can't it appear on my blog?


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