3 Column


  1. Click on the Header image above.
  2. Right click on the image and select ‘Save Image As...’
  3. Save the image to your computer.
  4. Once you save your final image to your desktop, log onto your blog.
  5. Click on the ‘Design’ tab or ‘Layout’ link.
  6. Click ‘Edit’ where your header is.
  7. Click ‘Browse’ and upload the image that you just saved to your computer.
  8. Select 'Behind title and description'
  9. Click ‘Save’ and...YOU'RE DONE!
  • Click HERE to find out how to CENTER your pre-made header with the new Template Designer. The Picture Window template will push the banner and title to the left, so be sure to fix it!
  • Want to customize this header even more? It's easy!! Click HERE to learn more!


Raquel said...

love this!!!

I used this for my blog. Is it all right?

karen said...

oh I LOVED this, have nabbed it for my little blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A FAB FREEBIE XXX

karen said...

thank you so much, I LOVE this, have nabbed it for me little blog

Rachel D. said...

Is there a way that I can move your logo to the right side so that it isn't right on top of the flower?


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